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Specializing in Kangaroo & Leather
Collars, Martingales, Slip, Silver & Show Leads

All braided leads are handmade. Each strand is hand cut and beveled on each side which produces a very high quality smooth to the touch lead. Each lead is braided over a nylon core for added strength.

We also offer a full line of English Bridle Leather leads and collars which is the highest quality leather available. You have the option of ordering standard or embellishing with several different styles of silver conchos. These conchos are designed and crafted solely for Custom Braiding. Also available are hand tooled and custom beaded collars.

Since we offer a product which is very unique, high quality and totally handmade, we do our best to ship as soon as possible. If, however the item you order is not in stock, please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. You will receive conformation of your order and you will be notified when your order is shipped.

We are a very small company and do not offer our products wholesale, but do welcome clubs who are looking for awards. Call for information.

All returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. We stand behind our handmade leads and collars used under normal conditions up to 1 year. If your dog chews the lead, there will be a discounted charge for replacement or repair.





The Martingale Collars are sized differently, 16" is only the leather. Allow 4 more inches of chain which will make the total circumference 20". With this in mind you would order the 14" martingale, this will allow for the space that you will need for correction.


When choosing the correct size in the buckle collars, 16" will be to the middle hole, you will be able to adjust up or down for the correct fit. It is best to measure your dogs neck and order the same size in the collar you have selected.

New Colors

Sky Blue
Royal Blue
Hot Pink

Purple Lead

purple kangaroo lead

Purple Braided Kangaroo Lead with Gold Barrels.